Dwell 35° South - Wildlife Campaign

The support shown to our community and to our business has been nothing short of amazing - and now we feel it is time to give a little something back....

As the world knows, Australia has experienced unprecedented Bushfires over the past three months. A total of 4.9 million hectares – an area larger than California – has been destroyed in New South Wales alone during the nationwide fire crisis.

While people have lost lives, homes and businesses, we have also lost thousands of Native Animals  - and thousands more have been injured or their food sources have disappeared. 

When our community was threatened by fire on December 5,  I sadly witnessed many burnt animals that could not outrun the fire. Even worse, they are still dying nearly two months later due to the burns they received and lack of food.

Wires Mid South Coast branch is doing an amazing job looking after injured wildlife and also maintaining feeding stations for native animals to get food and water from - so we thought it is time to help them out a little!  The little joey pictured is being looked after by Wires carer Zora who is located in my coastal community of Bawley Point.

Our custom made Linen Australian Wildflower cushion is our most popular cushion - so for the next six weeks we are going to donate $35 from every cushion cover sold to Wires Mid South Coast branch to help them keep on doing the amazing job that they do.

If you would like to support this cause by purchasing a cushion, then please send us an email to dwell35south@gmail.com

As they are custom made by the Dwell team we need to know numbers - hopefully we will be inundated by your response.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to advise you of an ETA - obviously this will depend on how many orders we receive.  Cushion measures 45cm x 45cm and the price is $55 - please note inserts are not included.

This fabric is exclusive to Warwick fabrics - and the Legends at Warwick have pitched in and provided us with a discount on the first ten metres we have purchased.



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