Spend with them...

When the fires hit the South Coast of New South Wales, it not only destroyed hundreds of homes, killed thousands of animals and burnt out our National Parks, it emptied our towns of the Summer tourist trade that gets our businesses through the very quiet Winter months....

The amazing Turia Pitt and Gracie McBride came up with an amazing initiative that I am sure you have all heard about - #spendwiththem - to help businesses in fire and drought affected areas of Australia.

So what does it mean for a small business?  For me, the fires hit our Community of Bawley Point on 5 December 2019.  I did not evacuate, instead staying behind to help coordinate food, medications and anything else that was needed within our Community in our 10 days of hell.  We then had the task of cleaning up our property (remarkably saved but a bit singed - photo below).  

The fires then came back with a vengeance up and down the coast.  We had to get 'fire ready' again and again. By the time we opened the doors of our new business five weeks had passed since we had last opened. We were exhausted.

We madly created our online store and all my friends shared our website with gusto. 

Yesterday afternoon, (Sunday), as I was leaving home to organise our local hall for our Community Association meeting, my phone 'dinged' heralding the first sale from our online shop. I screamed, I cried and I did a little happy dance....and then I saw who had made the purchase.  Geraldine Brooks, my all time favourite author and Pulitzer prize recipient.  I screamed so loud the house shook.

So when you purchase from a small business that has suffered this Summer, know that the person you have bought from is doing a happy dance and screaming out loud...and thanking you from the bottom of their heart.


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