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Dwell 35° South combines the KonMari Method™ with a gentle, empathetic approach and an understanding of clients’ attachment to objects. The Marie Kondo method is not about being a minimalist, rather it uses mindfulness and organisation as the key to living your best life.

This approach enables Liza to support clients through a transformation, often times during the most vulnerable transitions of their lives, from breakups to downsizing to welcoming a baby.

Although each client’s story is unique, the catalyst is always the same: a desire to make a lasting change. By helping clients make space and giving every item a home, clients make lifestyle changes that positively impact their physical, mental, and spiritual health, and ultimately live their ideal life. 

This service is delivered by Liza who, in September 2109, traveled to Los Angeles to undertake the KonMari consultant training. This service is available to those living anywhere between Wollongong and Moruya and west to Canberra.

Introductory Lesson - 3 hours. $200

Before purchasing this item, please phone us on 02 4454 2828 for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs.

During this introductory session, we will assist you to establish the foundation of your tidying festival. The first step of the KonMari method is to complete a tour of your home, to show gratitude to your home and to establish your personlised vision and objective of your tidying marathon.

Following this important step, you will begin to apply this method and philosophy to the first KonMari category - clothing.

The Five KonMari categories are:

1.  Clothing

2. Books

3.  Papers

4. Kimono

5. Sentimental

Following your introductory session, you may book as many additional follow-up lessons as your home and journey requires. We believe that consistency is the key to achieving the desired transformation in a timely fashion. Sessions are for a minimum of three hours.

A recurring appointment helps you stay on track and carve out the time required for this deep process. Liza will guide and manage your lesson structure to ensure you maintain the momentum to complete your journey.

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