About Us

Dwell 35° South is a small business located on the South Coast of New South Wales in the seaside town of Ulladulla. We began this business after noticing a gap in the market within the area to offer a unique range of pieces for our clients. We ensure we ethically source all of our products & support local artisans in our area as well as work closely with Australian brands to ensure we supply alternative options unlike mass-produced items.

We are committed to supporting local community members and artists through exhibition planning, design and promotion. You can find a range of pieces from local practitioners from many disciplines in our showrooms. 

Our team would love to work with you to find the best pieces to create sanctuaries in your own home. Please contact us with any custom requests, consultations and/or advice on purchasing. Here at Dwell 35° South we work with each customer to assist them with styling their home, while not ordering the same pieces twice as we understand how special each item is to our clients & the importance of being unique.